Louise Astbury


Louise Astbury is the Club Director at Spanish Peaks Mountain Club and has lived in Big Sky for seven years. She worked in the same role for four years prior to the club closing in 2011 and was the only employee to return under the new ownership and management.

Louise’s upbringing, education and passion revolve around the hospitality industry and she moved to Big Sky specifically for her role at the Club, to serve the Spanish Peaks membership and…to live in paradise! Louise loves the outdoors and her favorite past-times are running outdoors year-round, fly-fishing, and any activity that involves spending time with her beloved dog, Yogi Bear. Louise was thrilled to be offered a seat on the SPCF Board and is excited to be part of a foundation that gives back to the local community.


Our Mission

The Spanish Peaks Community Foundation strategically directs the generous contributions of our members to support and enhance the quality of life of those living in the greater Big Sky area.

Foundation Grants

April 1st deadline for May 1st grant consideration. October 1st deadline for November 1st grant consideration. Evaluations for previously awarded grants must be received before new grant proposals will be considered.

Contact Us

Spanish Peaks Community Foundation
PO Box 161303
Big Sky, MT 59716

President: John Haas
Administrator: Jill Singer

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