Tom Weiskopf Scholarship Proposal Criteria and Framework

Tom Weiskopf Scholarships are to be awarded to individuals (Age 18+) who work in Big Sky and who are looking to improve their lives through continuing their education through degrees or certifications. Proposals will be accepted year-round. 

The goal is to support individuals who work in Big Sky with scholarships to do the following:

  • Build and develop a skill set
  • Start a business in Big Sky
  • Increase professional opportunities
  • Improve the quality of one’s life 

Successful proposals will include: (2 page maximum)

  • Name of the employer and the applicant’s contact information.
  • An employer with endorsement from employee or employee with endorsement from the employer
  • A detailed plan of how this educational opportunity will allow him or her to advance professionally in Big Sky
  • Why is this educational opportunity important to you – how did you get here and where would you like to go?
  • Length of the program, total cost, requested amount 
  • An expectation is that the program is completed 

Scholarship Application Criteria:

To be considered, proposals must include the following attachments:

  • Minimum 2 recommendation letters (professional and personal)
  • Written Endorsement from employer (this can be the same as a professional recommendation)
  • Documentation showing acceptance into the educational program

Proposals will be emailed as PDF attachments to

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